Brganje Day


Brganje Day (*2018. – 05.08.)

Besides being renowned shipbuilders, people of Betina were also famous shellfish hunters and many generations from Betina were raised on nourishing shellfish. Shellfish were caught using "brganje", a traditional piece of equipment for the extraction of shellfish from the sea. Except for food, shellfish were used to obtain colour, which dyed fabric for making clothes. They were also crumbled and added to the building materials. Nowadays, when shellfish hunting is banned, every first Sunday in August the Brganje Day is being celebrated to honour this tradition as a big all day festival with a rich entertainment programme.

Being organized for almost 50 years already, the Brganje Day also hosts the attractive female Palm and Paddle Rowing Regatta, and visitors can also enjoy traditional local specialties, an evening concert and a rich fireworks display, as well as have fun far into the night.
August 06, 2018