International Children's Festival



International Children's Festival (15-29/06/2019)

The most distinctive trait of the cultural scene in Šibenik, and its trademark of a kind, is the International Children's Festival, a unique cultural event globally recognised for six decades. The first festival was held in 1958 and it was the result of the initiative and efforts of several young arts enthusiasts, but it quickly turned into a big, complex, internationally important festival, founded on the three elements: children, the festival and the city.

During the festival Šibenik is the place where poets and children meet, where the open-air cinema on the stairs of the old town shows films for children, where there are workshops for journalism, sculpturing, film and video, comic books, architecture and building, poetry, painting, graphic design, information technologies, puppetry, music and dance. Various artistic forms on the streets and squares of Šibenik bring together representatives of cultures from all continents, who have been contributing in creating a nobler, culturally enlightened person of today's global community.
June 15, 2019