Kornati Cup Regatta


Kornati Cup Regatta (29/04-02/05/2019)

Legend says that when God created the Earth some stones fell down to the blue sea and when he turned around, he was impressed by its beauty and decided to let it be. That was the creation of Kornati, a labyrinth of 152 islands, islets and reefs and one of the Croatian stunning national parks. The idea about the Kornati Cup Regatta came spontaneously in 1984, when a group of sailing lovers emerged with three boats sailing from Murter Island towards Piškera Island. Next year the first regatta in Austrian-Croatian co-production gathered 27 boats and became the traditional one around Easter. In 1988 there were already 118 boats participating in the Kornati Cup and the event has since turned into one of the biggest regattas on the east side of the Adriatic, presenting a unique union of sport and fun, professional yachtsmen and those for whom the final score is not the most important one.
April 29, 2019