Regatta for Body and Soul


Regatta for Body and Soul (*2018. – 19.08.)

The "gajeta" of Betina is a solid farmer's boat with a lateen sail, which was used by the local people in 1740 to sail to their distant estates in Kornati, Modrave, Prosika and Lake Vrana. In the honour of this "sacred vessel" every year the so-called "Regatta for Body and Soul" is held. This regatta was established to promote these most efficient traditional wooden ships, with which the labourers and fishermen sailed for centuries and thus confirmed its exceptional qualities, as residents of Betina often proudly emphasize.

Every year the diverse cultural programme brings a lot of interesting things, from pleasure sailing to a competitive regatta, with plenty of food, drinks, good songs and cheers. This regatta embodies a spirit in which winning alone is not paramount, but it is rather important to enjoy a unique traditional way of life that is strongly connected to the sea.
August 19, 2018