Šibenskih deset i Draženova četvorka



Šibenskih deset i Draženova četvorka (19/10/2019)

The Šibenskih deset i Draženova četvorka (Šibenik as number 10 and Dražen as number 4) race will be held on the occasion of celebrating the birthday of the legendary basketball player Dražen Petrović.
“Šibenskih deset” is a 10 kilometre race held in the streets of Šibenik, while “Draženova četvorka” is a somewhat less demanding 4 kilometre race. Why 4k? Because Dražen wore a jersey with the number 4 in his first basketball club Šibenka as well as in the Croatian national team.  
Both races will start on the Šibenik waterfront and will pass by the playground in Baldekin and Dražen’s monument, a route that Dražen once took on his way to practice and matches.
“Šibenskih deset i Draženova četvorka” holds a special place in the runner and sports community since Dražen was and remained a role model for many athletes.
Visit Šibenik, participate in the race and be part of a great sports celebration! 
October 19, 2019