Šibenik (06.12.2019. - 01.01.2020.)

The best Advent Fair on the Adriatic and the only plastic free advent in Croatia - Adventura will begin on the Feast Day of St. Nicholas with excellent atmosphere, song and dance. Apart from the rich musical programme at the Royal Court, the visitors can also expect a number of surprises from the DJ duo known as the King's Guard.

The aromas of fritulas (fritters) will delight everybody gathered on the traditional Freetulada – a competition in preparing the typical Christmas delicacy of the region – fritula. Freetulada is related to the tradition of celebrating the Feast Day of Osmina (the eighth day before Christmas), also known as Little Christmas, when the first batch of fritulas would be fried in the year, and people would sing traditional Christmas carols, while waiting for the midnight bells.

The youngest citizens will be entertained every day with specially designed activities of Adventurica, while somewhat older visitors will be able to try ice skating in the Ivan Goran Kovačić Square. On Christmas Eve, thousands of flying lanterns will be released into the sky, and all revenue will go to charity.