Indigenous Culture of Shipbuilding and Seafaring

The Pride and Joy of Betina

The islands of the area have long history of building terrific fishing boats and producing skilled and well-known seamen, so those more interested in the seafaring subjects and nautics can learn a great deal. The village of Betina on the island of Murter has had a particularly established shipbuilding tradition (presented in the local themed museum) of nurturing great craftsmen.

The permanent exhibition highlights the skills of Betina's shipbuilders and educates about distinctive and colourful first-rate vessels, from small fishing boats called "kaić" to larger cargo ships. However, the pride and joy of Betina is definitely "gajeta", a 5 to 8 m long and 2 to 2.6 m wide boat with the sail as an elementary navigational tool, protected by the Croatian Ministry of Culture as a part of the national intangible heritage.