Top Insular Settings to Explore

Top Insular Settings to Explore

Kornati National Park

In the central part of the Croatian Adriatic, near the point where Šibenik and Zadar islands meet, there is the distinctive and in many ways spectacular group of islands called Kornati. Due to their magnificent landscape beauty, interesting geomorphology, a great indentation of the coastline and wealth of living marine ecosystems (accounts for more than three-quarter of its total area), the majority of the seabound area of the Kornati Archipelago was proclaimed a national park in 1980. Today Kornati National Park covers an area of 220 km2 and includes a total of 89 islands, islets and crags, with approximately 238 km of the coastline.

The Žut-Sit Archipelago

The Žut-Sit Archipelago was proclaimed a significant landscape in 1967, as a part of the nature reserve within the Kornati Archipelago. The archipelago consists of 35 islands not included in the boundaries of either Kornati National Park or Telašćica Nature Park. A special value of the archipelago is many scattered shallows, crags and reefs, as well as meadows of seagrass, which are of the utmost importance for the survival and reproduction of marine organisms and for maintaining marine biodiversity.

Tranquil Bays of Kaprije

The island of Kaprije, located in the middle of the Šibenik Archipelago, between the uninhabited islands of Zmajan and Kakan, provides terrific conditions for nautical activities. Its several tranquil bays are a welcome sight for all passers-by lucky enough to set sail around this particular part of the archipelago. The turquoise sea surrounding the cosy islets and lovely inlets is one of the best examples of the purity and approachability of the Croatian Adriatic and it is regarded as a true monument of pristine nature.

The Coral Reefs of Zlarin and Prvić

The close proximity of the islands of Zlarin and Prvić both to the coast and each other creates a continuous coral stretch of reefs and rock formations, ideal for scuba diving and exploring the bountiful seabed. Teeming marine life and dazzling bright corals are by itself very much rewarding, however you can experience even more if you venture deeper into the islands and bike around scenic wild beaches, panoramic mild hills, lush coniferous woods, cultivated fig and vine orchards and fragrant olive groves.