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Must-See Locations and Experiences

Sailing and Yachting Around Charming Private Islets

The Šibenik Archipelago is an excellent place for sailing and yachting! The charming green patches of land scattered across the friendly sea, particularly from the islands of Zmajan and Kaprije westward, are ideal for romance, contemplation, swimming and soaking up serenity and beauty of crystal-clear sunny beaches.

Boating Around Some of the Most Arresting Bays of the Adriatic

Wherever you decide to spend your vacation, the coast of Šibenik-Knin County provides exceptional conditions for an outstanding nautical experience. Lake Prokljan, St. Anthony's Channel, Pirovac's small bays, the islets around Vodice and Šibenik, the deep blue waters of Grebaštica, and the surrounding turquoise sea of Primošten and Rogoznica are only some of the most appealing spots for exceptional nautical tourism.

Kornati National Park

In the central part of the Croatian Adriatic, near the point where Šibenik and Zadar islands meet, there is the distinctive and in many ways spectacular group of islands called Kornati. Due to their magnificent landscape beauty, interesting geomorphology, a great indentation of the coastline and wealth of living marine ecosystems (accounts for more than three-quarter of its total area), the majority of the seabound area of the Kornati Archipelago was proclaimed a national park in 1980. Today Kornati National Park covers an area of 220 km2 and includes a total of 89 islands, islets and crags, with approximately 238 km of the coastline.

Tranquil Bays of Kaprije

The island of Kaprije, located in the middle of the Šibenik Archipelago, between the uninhabited islands of Zmajan and Kakan, provides terrific conditions for nautical activities. Its several tranquil bays are a welcome sight for all passers-by lucky enough to set sail around this particular part of the archipelago. The turquoise sea surrounding the cosy islets and lovely inlets is one of the best examples of the purity and approachability of the Croatian Adriatic and it is regarded as a true monument of pristine nature.

Excellent Marinas and Ports Along the Coast

The county has a rich offer of cosy ports and accommodating marinas, which provide safety, repose and all necessary infrastructure for a first-rate nautical experience. The strategic points positioned along the coast are making sure that neither experienced seamen nor less skilful beginners should lack anything while they explore the marvellous sea. Among these maritime havens for countless yachtsmen there are some marinas that place an exceptionally high value on their services, the most notable one being the Marina Frapa in Rogoznica, one of the most beautiful marinas in the entire Mediterranean!

Exciting Traditional Regattas and Interesting Water Sports

There are several great international regattas on these islands and some are having additional value in trying to revive traditional lateen sailing. The most famous ones are "Latinsko idro", held in late September on the island of Murter, and "Burtiž", held in late August on the island of Prvić. Besides these impressive regattas, the islands offer communal amateur sport contests that usually end up in revelry, as well as some more prestigious water-sport competitions and tournaments.

Indigenous Culture of Shipbuilding and Seafaring

The islands of the area have long history of building terrific fishing boats and producing skilled and well-known seamen, so those more interested in the seafaring subjects and nautics can learn a great deal. The village of Betina on the island of Murter has had a particularly established shipbuilding tradition (presented in the local themed museum) of nurturing great craftsmen. The permanent exhibition highlights the skills of Betina's shipbuilders and educates about distinctive and colourful first-rate vessels, from small fishing boats called "kaić" to larger cargo ships. However, the pride and joy of Betina is definitely "gajeta", a 5 to 8 m long and 2 to 2.6 m wide boat with the sail as an elementary navigational tool, protected by the Croatian Ministry of Culture as a part of the national intangible heritage. The village of Jezera, located on the same island, is on the other hand holding an interesting international big game fishing competition every September.