Continental Specialties

The Bell, Lamb-Sack Cheese and Drniš Prosciutto

The hinterland of the region inclines to the continental cuisine mostly based on meat and potatoes.The filling Drniš specialties as roasted lamb or veal traditionally prepared under ¨peka¨, an iron bell filled with meat and potatoes and covered with ember.; the distinctive Skradin meat recipes as "koprtlje" and Skradin risotto or seafood delicacies as "bižot" and "ćokalice"; fruit-based desserts as Skradin cake, "bruštulani", fig and bearberry; aromatic sour cherry, pear, blueberry, fig, jujube, walnut and rose petal liqueurs; as well as quality vine sorts as "debit" and "maraština" (for white wines) or "lasina" and "plavina" (for red wines), all enchant, excite and always leave you asking for more!

To the list of the most famous specialities of the region we must certainly add autochthonous cheese ripened in a lamb sack and smoked ham. The smoked ham from Drniš in particular has been awarded many times and internationally recognized as one of the highest world quality products.