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Tribunj Fishermen Night

Tribunj's Fishermen Night is an entertainment event that includes a promenade of fishing vessels gathered out of Tribunj's fleet, a race of traditional "gajeta" fishing boats, fishermen games, grilled fish and other seafood delicacies, a lottery with a rich fund of rewards and a lively music programme.

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Tisno Bridge Games

The Bridge Games in Tisno, also known as "The Challenge", is an entertaining sporting event that takes place on the Tisno Bridge.

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Rogoznica Music Fest

The Music Fest in Rogoznica usually includes concerts of the most popular Croatian singers and the festival of entrepreneurship and handmade products, accompanied by gastro-culinary events led by renowned chefs, who prepare large format traditional dishes distributed among the visitors.

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Murter Wedding Feast

The traditional Murter Wedding Feast has been organised as a presentation of the forgotten wedding customs of Murter Island, a part of rich local cultural heritage.

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Tribunj Donkey Race

For the inhabitants of the coastal village of Tribunj and their guests this uniquely characteristic race is a simple event of good times and plain old fun, and the donkey race itself is exactly what attracts so many people in Tribunj on the first day of August.

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Coral Divers Send-Off

The Send-off of Coral Divers is an important event that clearly displays some of the idiosyncratic customs of Zlarin ancestors. It usually includes a screening of the movie Coral Princess, the acts of washing clothes on the well Vrulja, the processing of corals, as well as songs and dances performed by the Cultural Association Koralj.

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Krapanj Feast

This feast, dedicated to Our Lady of Angels, has been traditionally celebrated for decades on the island of Krapanj. It starts with a Holy Mass and continues with a boat procession around Krapanj. After the celebration ceremony, local delicacies are being served and a rich music programme follows.

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Skradin Klapa Songs Festival

Experience the true spirit of Dalmatia at the Skradin Klapa Festival, when this serene town comes alive with great "klapa" groups (traditional male a cappella singers), a range of other festivities and home-grown gastronomic delights!

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Awakening of the Dragon

The Awakening of the Dragon is a unique staging of the ancient legend of Lake Dragon's Eye and dragon Murin, which is being held along the Rogoznica waterfront.

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