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06.12.2019. - 01.01.2020.

The best Advent Fair on the Adriatic and the only plastic free advent in Croatia - Adventura will begin on the Feast Day of St. Nicholas with excellent atmosphere, song and dance.

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06.12.2019. - 08.12.2019.
Šibenik Cruiser Regatta

Šibenik cruiser regatta will be held for the 18th time in a row in December on behalf of St. Nicholas. Over 50 cruisers and 500 guests from Croatia and abroad, take place in this regatta.

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Krka Half Marathon

The Krka Half Marathon is a unique international athletic race held in the Krka National Park.

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Murter Days of Carnival

The carnival on the island of Murter, known as “Murterske bake” (literally translated as “Murter Grandmothers”), is a custom that dates back 130 years. The event starts on Shrove Tuesday throughout the island and gathers a large number of participants, so it has become a traditional event of fun, relaxation and reactions to social problems and life circumstances.

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18.03.2019. - 19.03.2019.
Chef's Stage

Chef's Stage is an international gastronomy and hospitality congress that brings together all participants in the gastronomy scene, where in a friendly environment a genuine exchange of knowledge and experience is encouraged, and where the new regional gastronomic framework is designed.

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Šibenik Easter Breakfast

Every year on Easter Monday the Šibenik Tourist Board, together with the departments for catering and production activities of the Šibenik Tradesmen Association, organize an Easter Breakfast, a tradition that marks the beginning of the tourist season.

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25.04.2019. - 26.04.2019.
Sailing Against Drugs

Croatian Lions regatta is a humanitarian fund raising event that has been organized on Murter Island since 1998 with the goal to support drug abuse prevention and rehabilitation programmes in Lions District 126, Croatia.

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27.04.2019. - 28.04.2019.
MTB Weekend: Eagle's Circle

The Vodice area has a network of over 350 km of road and mountain bike tracks.

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