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Bridge Games

The Bridge Games in Tisno, also known as "The Challenge", is an entertaining sporting event that takes place on the Tisno Bridge.

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Vodice Evening of Klapa Songs

Mid-August in Vodice is traditionally reserved for the Evening of Dalmatian Klapa Songs, as the event brings some of the best Croatian "klapas" to the town.

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Regatta Burtiž
Otok Prvić

This regatta was named after the skill of sailing with a Latin sail - burtižanje. Sailors and tradition admirers will meet in Šepurine on island Prvić and, in a friendly atmosphere they will race in their leuts, gajetas, batanas and other traditional boats. Festivity will last all day.

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21.08.2020. - 22.08.2020.
Dalmatian Chanson Evenings

This festival of the authentic Dalmatian songs has been held in Šibenik since 1998. The late August two-day event presents and promotes the original Dalmatian song, which does not adjust to the contemporary mixture of pop-songs, but rather has an inclination to the chanson, a song whose most important expression is verse.

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04.09.2020. - 05.09.2020.
CMC Festival

The CMC Festival is the biggest and the most visited festival of Croatian and regional pop music, traditionally held every year in Vodice.

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Gabre's Marathon

The second Sunday in October in Vodice is usually reserved for a traditional recreational mountain bike marathon in memory of cyclist Gabriel Skočić and his colleagues, the firefighters who courageously and tragically died on the island of Kornat in 2007.

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13.11.2020. - 15.11.2020.
Jabuka Regatta

This legendary offshore regatta takes yachtsmen along the 110 mile enduring route from Vodice to Jabuka Island and back. The regatta is famous for its night start and mystical Jabuka Island, including the characteristically strong winds and a long and exhausting race.

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08.07.2021. - 31.08.2021.
The Garden Festival

The beautiful location of The Garden Resort in Tisno hosts music events that take place every year from the beginning of July until the end of August at one of the best festival locations in Europe.

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Šibenik Easter Breakfast

Every year on Easter Monday the Šibenik Tourist Board, together with the departments for catering and production activities of the Šibenik Tradesmen Association, organize an Easter Breakfast, a tradition that marks the beginning of the tourist season.

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